COMING SOON!!! MAY 2012!!!

The shop is currently under construction but expect a massive opening weekend cruise-in jam with bikes, rods, beers, and BBQ!!!!

We will be offering a full selection of great parts and accessories along with a service facility to handle all your needs. Don't expect to come by and find all the same lame shit... We'll always be lookin to bring you the raddest gear in town... RIDE WHAT YOU LOVE, LOVE WHAT YOU RIDE!!!


Thursday, 5 April 2012

Blog Title Change

Due to a recent discussion with a friend of mine in the bike community, it's come to my attention that some confusion may have come from the title given to the blog for the new shop. All the guys here at Jockey Cycles pride ourselves on supporting the motorbike community and as such have altered the name a bit to avoid any confusion... from now on we are Jockey Cycles!!! The blog will be moved to ->

Thanks everyone!! See ya soon!!

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